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Foot massage
Foot massage

Foot massage

What is foot massage?

Foot massage has been practiced for hundreds of years and is found in many cultures. It is commonly used to promote health and calm the body. Nowadays, most types of foot massage incorporate aspects from a range of disciplines, including shiatsu and reflexology. These traditions hold that by applying pressure to the more than 7,000 nerves in the foot, energy obstructions in the rest of the body can be released. Foot massage and reflexology can be used to relieve pain, reduce tension, and possibly speed up injury healing.

Foot massages are traditionally conducted using the hands, however treatments may occasionally incorporate the use of sticks or rollers to more effectively stimulate the reflex zones in the foot.

A foot massage, whether given to oneself or received from a reflexology practitioner, may be a satisfying complementary massage therapy that benefits your entire body.

Why do you need foot massage?

A foot massage can provide much-needed relief if your feet are suffering after a long day. But it's not only a wonderful feeling. It also provides health advantages, according to research.

Even a simple foot massage may relieve tension and boost your mood. That's a good thing, because reducing stress and increasing energy increases your chances of making healthy choices like exercising and eating well.

But how does massage accomplish all of this? It stimulates your nerve system, increasing feel-good brain chemicals such as endorphins. In one research, participants who had a foot massage after having their appendix removed experienced less discomfort and took fewer medicines.

However, that's not all. Massage increases blood circulation and helps heal and maintain muscles and tendons. This is especially important if you have a condition that increases circulation or nerve damage, such as diabetes.

massaging your feet, you can identify other problems such as ulcers, corns, and ingrown toenails. If you're not walking well, it's a good idea to get your feet checked for soreness.